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URGENT NEWS – email scam 25 November 2014

Please note that we have again been receiving e-mails and enquiries from across the globe in relation to a scam that our IT consultants advise emanates from China. It would appear that e-mails have been sent to multiple recipients using a corruption of our e-mail address. The recipients are advised that they may be beneficiaries in an estate that is being handled by Martin Campbell. Please note that this is a scam. Do not reply or engage with the sender. You can see from our website and face book that the message does not come from our site.

Please also note that our system has not been corrupted. The recipients are not clients of this office. There has been no compromise of our security or client base.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about this. The e-mail does not come from this firm. It is an attempt to try to entice recipients to divulge personal information. Please do not comply with any request.