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Never go it alone 19 January 2018

Lurgan custody suite has re-opened. This is where people are interviewed about alleged crimes. Whilst it was being refurbished interviews were being held in Banbridge. We are a local firm and offer attendances 24/7. Our criminal lawyer is Harry McCourt and his number is 07808867054.

If you are brought to the police station for questioning you are entitled to free legal advice no matter what your income is.

We often hear people say that they did not want to ask for a solicitor because they had nothing to hide. Having a solicitor with you at the police station can never be held against you.

Having the right legal advice at a police station can help prove your innocence or stop matters going to court or reduce penalties.

campbell and haughey solicitors - never go it alone

If you are taken into custody or if you are asked to appear for interview by the police contact our office or ask the custody sergeant to contact us and we have local solicitors who can attend 24 hours a day 7 days a week.