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New Year Newsletter 2 January 2014

Noel and Nelly Nockembac had little of New Year cheer as they warmed their hands on a feeble flame in their temporary accommodation. It had been an unfortunate and unforeseeable train of events that had caused their misfortune. It had started when their next door neighbour had received a Christmas gift of a metal detector from his wife. As you may guess from his nickname, ‘Shudavegone’ Sullivan was terribly short-sighted. He and wife Susie were not enjoying the warmest of matrimonial relations and her design was that the metal detector would lead her myopic husband onto the nearby railway track – hopefully in front of the Dublin express. Instead it led him along the track of his neighbour’s oil line. Convinced that he had detected a trove of Viking gold, ‘Shudavegone’ set about uncovering the treasure with his trusty spade. Whilst he had little joy in uncovering treasure, he was singularly successful in severing the Nocembacs’ oil pipeline – allowing the entire contents of their oil tank to seep into the subsoil and under the founds of their house. Such was the pollution that the Nockembacs had to vacate their home on Christmas Day.

This was the last straw for Susie Sullivan. Earlier that day ‘Shudavegone’s pet ferret, (the salesman had taken advantage of his poor eyesight and told him it was a miniature Jack Russell) had defecated yet again in Susie’s Prada shoe. Balanced precariously on the unsoiled shoe Susie set about Shudavegone with the other. Shudavegone fled to his garden shed where he steadied his nerves with a some brandy that he kept there for ‘marital’ emergencies. When the coast was clear, he decided he would drive to the hostel to offer his apology to the Nockembacs but somewhat peckish on the way, Shudavegone decided to stop for a fish supper at a mobile chippy. The mobile chippy turned out to be a police breathalyser van so now he was waiting on a solicitor in his police cell.

Susie did not fare much better. In a terrible temper she pursued the fleeing husband in her prized Mini with only one Prada on. Unfortunately the ferret’s faecal deposit on her unshod stocking made her foot slip from accelerator on to the brake and she was rear ended by a tailgating lorry driver.

However help was at hand. Paul Lenehan from Campbell & Haughey Solicitors attended Shudavegone’s PACE interview. Paul secured his release and later reduced his driving ban with an eloquent plea and a place on the drink/driving rehabilitation course. Having told Paul of the plight of the Nockembacs, Clen Mackenzie intervened and in no time at all the Nockembacs were in a hotel courtesy of the insurers of Shudavegone; awaiting a handsome compensation package. Paul Haughey secured a replacement car for Susie and Gill McAreavey negotiated a settlement for her injury. Noel Nockembac’s elderly uncle died leaving Noel his farm. Martin Campbell completed the sizeable estate with Noel as sole beneficiary. He invested in a pub, purchased by Keith Hamilton and Martin Campbell successfully completed the licensing application. The pub, appropriately called ‘Knock them back at the Nockembacs’ was a complete success. There was no way back however for the Sullivans but the divorce was conducted by Campbell & Haughey with sensitivity. Shudavegone got custody of the ferret and Susie her second shoe – cleaned at his expense. All matters resolved so amicably that the Nockembacs and Sullivans are planning a New Year’s Reunion next year at the pub – the only proviso is that the ferret remains at home.

If you are having New Year blues as a result of legal problems, why not let our experts help?

Happy New Year to all our clients.

New Year Newsletter - Campbell and Haughey Solicitors, Lurgan

Santa’s legal woes 12 December 2013

Early December and things were not going well for Santa.  Mrs Claus was threatening divorce on suspicion of adultery and unreasonable behaviour as he could not provide a satisfactory explanation for his annual absence on Christmas Eve nor his lack of sobriety upon his return.  A neighbour had raised a right of way issue against his property and one of the elves was taking a personal injury claim under the health and safety regulations – alleging a nasty fall from a reindeer.  Worse still, his own back was sore after his sleigh had been rear ended by an uninsured motorist, leaving it currently out of commission. He still had to face an unwelcome appearance at Lapland Court for driving his sleigh without due care and attention last Christmas Eve.  He had promised his wife that he would update his will but had not yet found the time.

Fortunately, help was at hand.  Whilst playing with an iPad present that he was due to deliver, he came across an excellent website for Campbell & Haughey Solicitors. In no time at all, his problems were solved. Martin Campbell updated the wills for himself and Mrs Claus, who was so pleased that she dropped her divorce petition.  Paul Lenehan liaised with the Lapland PPS and Santa was given a caution only for his driving offence.  Keith Hamilton inspected his deeds, challenged the third party solicitor and the right of way case was withdrawn.  Paul Haughey sorted out the repairs to the sleigh and arranged a replacement sleigh during the period of repair.  Gill McAreavey negotiated an excellent settlement, (including physiotherapy), for Santa’s bad back with the Motorist Insurers’ Bureau. Clen Mackenzie successfully defended the action brought by the elf whom it turned out had fallen, not from a reindeer, but from a donkey on his way home from work via the Lapland Lounge where he had consumed a not inconsiderable amount of liquor.  Santa could now relax from his worries and concentrate on Christmas.

If problems such as these are causing you concern, why not let us help in the New Year.  Our service is fast and friendly, courteous and considerate.  It is client centred – not costs driven.  In the meantime, we wish all our clients a very happy Christmas.

a merry christmas rhyme by Paul Haughey



PS: our very own Paul Haughey has published a very funny poem for children based on the story of Christmas.  It would make an excellent gift at this time of year.

A Merry Christmas Rhyme is available on Amazon >>






Technology and the Law 11 December 2013

The Northern Ireland Courts continue to lead the way in exploiting the advantages of technology. 


Our Mr Haughey recently attended a symposium organised by the Bar Council on the expanding role of technology in the profession and courts.


We attach a recent decision in the High Court by McCloskey J.  This is something of a radical departure from the norm but many would agree that it makes common sense in the interests of justice. Download decision (PDF attachment) >>

Paul meeting the Secretary of State at Ceara School 6 December 2013

Paul is on the Board of Governors for Ceara School, Lurgan – pictures of him meeting the Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers MP, as Ceara prepare for their varied Christmas programme.

Sec of State visits Ceara Special School PMAKER 6

Sec of State visits Ceara Special School PMAKER 7

If you’re on a tight budget, I suggest you plead guilty 2 December 2013

campbell and haughey solicitors lurgan - If you're on a tight budget I suggest you plead guiltyOur biggest problem arose this week as a result of having to come off record for a defendant in a criminal case in the Crown Court. Our ethical position had been compromised leaving us with no alternative but to resign. However, the defendant then struggled to obtain legal representation. He approached a number of leading criminal firms all of whom, in light of the recent judgement in a case of Brownlee, refused to accept instructions – conscious of the fact that although this was a complex matter, only nominal costs would be paid. Even had they accepted instructions, they would probably have found it impossible to obtain the services of counsel as they suffer also in terms of remuneration.

The gravity of the case was such that we had the services of senior counsel. This situation is perhaps a sign of things to come as the legal aid budget faces further onslaught. It is an affront to witness a defendant facing serious charges without any representation. We only avoided such a scenario thanks to the altruism of an advocate/ solicitor who kindly agreed to deal with the case himself. The cuts are becoming so acute that one wonders if there is a hidden agenda that could irreparably degrade the quality of the justice system.

Top 10 shocking health & safety myths (accidents) 14 November 2013

Students ordered to wear goggles while they play conkers! Or have you heard the one about the trapeze artist being ordered to wear a hard hat?

We came across this infographic over at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents blog and we thought we should share it.

Amusing as the stories are, health and safety is not something to be taken lightly. Accidents are still the biggest cause of preventable death for most of our adult lives, and although we all enjoy a joke, the misery, devastation and heartache accidents cause is no laughing matter

While some of them are so ridiculous they’re bound to make you smile, please remember the serious consequences this misinformation can have on people’s attitudes… and share with your colleagues so we can help to consign these myths to the joke books where they belong!

Campbell and Haughey Solicitors, Lurgan: Top 10 most shocking health & safety myths

If you have had any kind of accident, Campbell and Haughey Solicitors Ltd, Lurgan, will undertake claims for loss and damage arising from road traffic accidents, employers’ and public liability together with general negligence claims. Contact us for more information >>

A Lesson in Social Graces – tailgating 29 September 2013

Campbell and Haughey Solicitors Ltd (Lurgan, County Armagh) are proud members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) – the leading organisation championing the rights of personal injury plaintiffs and protecting their position.

This animated video about the consequences of tailgating has been launched by APIL.

APIL aims to persuade drivers to ‘back off’ from one another to prevent crashes, needless injuries, and subsequent higher motor premiums for offenders.

“Let’s prevent the accident happening in the first place. If there is no accident, there will be no injury, and no claim. It’s as simple as that.”

Campbell and Haughey Solicitors Ltd website close to going live 25 August 2013

Campbell and Haughey Solicitors Ltd website close to going live!










Ask: A Solicitor Knows 8 June 2013

The Law Society of Northern Ireland

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